Effective January 5, 2018, Hon. Corey Tochor, MLA for Saskatoon Eastview, resigned as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

He made the following public comment: "Serving as Speaker in our Legislature has been the greatest honour of my professional career. Resigning the position is not a choice I made lightly, but I have some decisions ahead of me that I cannot make while I wear my non-partisan Speaker hat. [...] I am excited to take this time to consider future public service options."

The former Speaker Tochor remains the MLA for Saskatoon Eastview.

As a result of the resignation, pursuant to The Rules and Procedures of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, the first item of business when the Assembly reconvenes will be the election of Speaker. By Order, the Assembly will resume the Second Session of the 28th Legislature on Monday, March 12, 2018, at 1:30 p.m.

In the absence of a Speaker, The Legislative Assembly Act, 2007, assigns the duties of the Speaker to the Deputy Speaker. Consequently, Mr. Glen Hart, Deputy Speaker and MLA for Last Mountain-Touchwood, will assume interim responsibility for the duties of Speaker until the Assembly convenes to elect a Speaker. These duties include chair of the Board of Internal Economy.