The Legislative Assembly Service exists to assist elected Members in carrying out their duties. The work of the Member is multi-faceted and includes the Member’s responsibilities in the Legislative Chamber during sessions, work on legislative committees, work in the caucus and responsibilities in the constituency. In addition to these ongoing immediate responsibilities, Members and staff share a commitment to preserve and enhance parliamentary democracy and the institution of the legislature for the benefit of the people of the province.

The Legislative Assembly Service also provides a variety of services to a number of the Independent Officers of the Legislative Assembly, the executive branch of government, and more generally to the citizens of Saskatchewan.


Under the direction of the Speaker and the Board of Internal Economy, the Legislative Assembly Service provides services and support to Members to assist them in all aspects of their work. We serve Members with impartiality and confidentiality. The Legislative Assembly Service provides organizational continuity from one legislature to the next.


A parliamentary system that is valued, trusted and understood.


The Democratic Process: We respect the traditions, institutions and ideals of parliamentary democracy.

Impartial and Exemplary Service: We believe in impartial, confidential and quality service, and we strive to continuously improve our services, knowledge and skills.

Accountability: We value effective and accountable use of our resources and our people.

Individual and Team Effort: We value fairness and integrity, and we respect each other’s abilities and contributions.


We support Saskatchewan’s Legislative Assembly and its Members by providing professional advice and excellent service.