On October 28, 2021, the Assembly elected a Deputy Speaker. In Saskatchewan, the position of Deputy Speaker is open to any Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) except cabinet ministers or an opposition leader. The Deputy Speaker is chosen by MLAs in a secret ballot election in the legislative Chamber. 

For the Second Session of the 29th Legislature, Mr. Joe Hargrave, MLA for Prince Albert Carlton, was elected to serve as Deputy Speaker.

Watch the election of Deputy Speaker

The Speaker is the Legislative Assembly’s presiding officer, and the Deputy Speaker supports the Speaker in this role. The Deputy Speaker presides over Assembly proceedings whenever the Speaker finds it necessary to leave the chair. The Deputy Speaker traditionally holds the position of Chair of the Committees of the Whole Assembly and presides over any sittings of a Committee of the Whole on Bills or the Committee of Finance. The Deputy Speaker also may be called upon to fulfill other committee or administrative responsibilities in the absence of the Speaker.

Both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker ensure that the business in the Assembly is conducted according to the rules. They are expected to be impartial and independent of partisan politics.