The first order of business in a new legislature is to elect a Speaker. In Saskatchewan, the position of Speaker is open to any Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) except cabinet ministers or an opposition leader. The Speaker is chosen by MLAs in a secret ballot election in the legislative Chamber.

For the First Session of the 29th Legislature, the election of the Speaker took place on Monday, November 30, 2020. Mr. Randy Weekes, MLA for Biggar-Sask Valley, was elected to preside as Speaker.
Watch the election of Speaker. 

The Speaker is the Legislative Assembly’s presiding officer. It is the Speaker's duty to ensure that the business in the Assembly is conducted according to the rules. The Speaker is expected to be impartial and independent of partisan politics. Learn more about the position of Speaker

The Deputy Speaker is also elected by MLAs on the second day of a new legislature during the day’s proceedings. On December 1, Ms. Nadine Wilson, MLA for Saskatchewan Rivers, was acclaimed as Deputy Speaker.