Due to the resignation of the Speaker in January 2018, the first order of business as the 28th Legislature resumed was to elect a new Speaker. In Saskatchewan, the position of Speaker is open to any Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) except cabinet ministers or an opposition leader. MLAs elect the Speaker in a vote held in the legislative Chamber.

For the resumption of the Second Session of the 28th Legislature, the election of the Speaker took place on Monday, March 12, 2018. There were seven candidates:

Ms. Danielle Chartier, MLA for Saskatoon Riversdale
Mr. Mark Docherty, MLA for Regina Coronation Park
Mr. Glen Hart, MLA for Last Mountain-Touchwood
Mr. Delbert Kirsch, MLA for Batoche
Mr. Warren Michelson, MLA for Moose Jaw North
Mr. Eric Olauson, MLA for Saskatoon University
Ms. Colleen Young, MLA for Lloydminster

The Members of the Legislative Assembly elected Mr. Mark Docherty, MLA for Regina Coronation Park, to serve as Speaker.

Mr. Glen Hart, MLA for Last Mountain-Touchwood, remains the Deputy Speaker.


The Speaker is the Legislative Assembly’s presiding officer. It is the Speaker's duty to ensure that the business in the Assembly is conducted efficiently and according to the rules. The Speaker is expected to be impartial and independent of partisan politics.

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