Last updated: May 29, 2012


Cabinet Portfolio

Atkinson, Patricia (NDP)

Seniors (Sept. 1992- Sept. 1993)
Social Services (Sept. 1992-Sept. 1993)
Education, Training & Employment (Sept. 1993-Nov. 1995)
Education (Nov. 1995-Sept.1998)
Health (Sept. 1998-Feb. 2001)
Highways & Transportation (Feb. 2001-Oct. 2001)
Rural Revitalization (Feb. 2001-Oct. 2001)
Crown Mgmt Board (Nov. 2003-Feb. 2006)
Immigration (Nov. 2003-Nov. 2007)
Public Service Commission (Nov. 2003-Nov. 2007)
Advanced Education & Employment (Feb. 2006-May 2007)
Finance (May 2007-Nov. 2007)
SaskEnergy Incorporated (May 2007-Nov. 2007)

Beatty, Joan (NDP)

Culture, Youth & Recreation (Nov. 2003-Feb.2006)
Provincial Secretary (Nov. 2003-Feb. 2006 and May 2007-Nov. 2007)
Northern Affairs (Feb. 2006-Nov. 2007)
Status of Women (Feb. 2006-May 2007)

Bradley, Judy Llewellyn (NDP)

Highways & Transportation (Jun. 1997-Sept. 1999)
Status of Women (Jun. 1997-Sept. 1998)

Carson, Carol (NDP)


Community Services (Nov. 1991-Mar. 1993)
Environment & Public Safety (Nov. 1991-Sept. 1992)
Sask. Property Mgmt Corp. (Nov. 1991-Mar. 1992)
Municipal Government (Mar. 1993-Jul. 1995)

Crofford, Joanne (NDP)

Indian and Metis Affairs (Feb. 1995-Jun. 1997)
Sask. Property Mgmt Corp. (Feb. 1995-Nov.1995)
Gaming (Nov. 1995-Feb. 2001)
Post Secondary Education & Skills Training (Jun. 1997-Sept.1998)
Status of Women (Sept. 1998-Feb. 2001)
Labour (Sept. 1998-Feb. 2001)
Culture, Youth & Recreation (Feb. 2001-Nov. 2003)
Information Highways (Feb. 2001-Mar. 2002)
Provincial Secretary (Mar. 2002-Nov. 2003)
Community Resources & Employment (Nov. 2003-Jan. 2006)
Gaming Corporation (Nov. 2003-Jan. 2006)
Disability Issues (Nov. 2003-Jan.2006)

Draude, June (SP)

First Nations and Metis Relations (Nov. 2007- May 2009)
Northern Affairs (Nov. 2007-May 2009)
Crown Investments Corporation (May 2009-June 2010)
Provincial Secretary (May 2009-June 2010)
Information Technology Office (May 2009-June 2010)
Information Services Corporation (May 2009-June 2010)
Saskatchewan Government Insurance (May 2009-June 2010)
Public Service Commission (May 2009-May 2012)
Social Services (June 2010- )
Status of Women (June 2010- )

Duncan, Joan Heather (PC)

Government Services (May 1982-May 1983)
Revenue, Supply & Services (May 1982-May 1983)
Supply and Services (May 1983-Jul. 1983)
Consumer & Commercial Affairs (Jul. 1983-Jan. 1988)
Cooperation & Cooperative Development (Nov. 1986-Apr. 1987)
Economic Development & Tourism (Jan. 1988-Oct. 1989)

Hamilton, Doreen Ellen (NDP)

Sask. Property Mgmt Corp. (Sept. 1998-Oct. 2001)
Status of Women (Feb. 2001-Oct. 2001)

Harpauer, Donna (SP)

Social Services (Nov. 2007-June 2010)
Provincial Secretary (June 2010-Nov. 2011)
Education (June 2010-May 2012)
Crown Investments (May 2012- )
Saskatchewan Government Insurance (May 2012- )
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (May 2012- )

Heppner, Nancy (SP)

Environment (Nov. 2007-June 2010)
Saskatchewan Water Corporation (May 2009-June 2010)
Central Services (May 2012- )
Public Service Commission (May 2012- )
Lean Initiative (May 2012- )

Higgins, Deb (NDP)

Labour (Oct. 2001-Feb. 2006)
Sask. Property Mgmt Corp. (Nov. 2003-Feb. 2006)
SGI (Sept. 2003-Nov. 2003)
Status of Women (Mar. 2002-Feb. 2006)
Learning (Feb. 2006-Nov. 2007)
Literacy (Feb. 2006-Nov. 2007)
Liquor and Gaming Authority (Feb. 2006-Nov. 2007)
Saskatchewan Telecommunications (Feb. 2006-Nov. 2007)

Junor, Judy (NDP)

Seniors (Sept. 1999-Feb. 2001 and Oct. 2001-Mar. 2002)
Provincial Secretary (Oct. 2001-Mar. 2002)
Status of Women (Oct. 2001-Mar. 2002 and May 2007-Nov. 2007)
Learning (Feb.2003-Nov. 2003)
Crown Investments Corporation of Sask. (May 2007-Nov. 2007)

Lorje, Pat (NDP)

Aboriginal Affairs (Feb. 2001-Oct. 2001)
Provincial Secretary (Feb. 2001-Oct. 2001)
Post Secondary Ed. & Skills Training (Sept. 2001-Mar. 2002)
Environment (Mar. 2002-Jun. 2002)

MacKinnon, Janice (NDP)

Finance (Jan. 1993-Jun. 1997)
Economic & Cooperative Development (Jun. 1997-Feb. 2001)
Information Highways (Sept. 1998-Feb. 2001)
Seniors (Nov. 1991-Sept. 1992)
Social Services (Nov. 1991-Sept. 1992)
Crown Investments Corp. (Feb. 2001-Mar. 2001)

Morin, Sandra (NDP)

Culture, Youth and Recreation (May 2007-Nov. 2007)

Ross, Laura (SP)

Government Services (Jun. 2010-May 2012)

Simard, Rose Marie Louise (NDP)

Health (Nov. 1991-Feb. 1995)
Status of Women (Nov. 1991-Feb. 1995)

Smith, Patricia Anne PC)

Social Services (May 1982-Jul. 1983)
Energy & Mines (Nov. 1986-Oct. 1989)
Education (Jul. 1987-Nov. 1986)
Status of Women (Oct. 1989-Nov. 1990)
Urban Affairs (Oct. 1989-Nov. 1990)
Culture, Multiculturalism & Recreation (Jun. 1990-Jun. 1990)

Teichrob, Carol R. (NDP)

Education (Nov. 1991-Mar. 1993)
Family (Nov. 1991-Jun. 1992)
Sask. Property Mgmt Corp. (Sept. 1992-Mar. 1993)
Education, Training & Employment (Mar. 1993-May 1993)
Municipal Government (Nov. 1995-Sept.1998)
Municipal Affairs, Culture & Housing (Sept. 1998-Sept. 1999)

Tell, Christine (SP)

Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport (Nov. 2007-May 2009)
Capital City Commission (Nov. 2007-June 2010)
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (May 2009-June 2010)
Government Services (May 2009-June 2010)
Corrections and Policing (May 2012- )

Compiled by Saskatchewan Legislative Library Staff.