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Resignation of Speaker
Anti-Harassment Policy
Speech from the Throne
Prorogation of the 1st and Opening of the 2nd Session
New Officer Appointed
Lobbyist Registry
Sergeant-at-Arms Appointed
Changes to Code of Ethical Conduct
Seating Plan and Calendar
Collapse Members of the Legislative AssemblyMembers of the Legislative Assembly
Collapse Board of Internal EconomyBoard of Internal Economy
Board of Internal Economy Directives
Collapse ReportsReports
REPORT: The Recount
Report of the MLA Indemnity Committee
Code of Conduct
MLA Disclosure Statements
Collapse Caucus Financial StatementsCaucus Financial Statements
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2016-2017Caucus Financial Statements for 2016-2017
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2016-2017
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2016-2017
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2016-2017
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2016-2017
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2016-2017
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2016-2017
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2015-2016Caucus Financial Statements for 2015-2016
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2015-2016
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2015-2016
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2015-2016
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2015-2016
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2015-2016
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2015-2016
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2014-2015Caucus Financial Statements for 2014-2015
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2014-2015
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2014-2015
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2014-2015
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2014-2015
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2014-2015
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2014-2015
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2013-2014Caucus Financial Statements for 2013-2014
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2013-2014
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2013-2014
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2013-2014
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2013-2014
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2013-2014
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2013-2014
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2012-2013Caucus Financial Statements for 2012-2013
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2012-13
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2012-13
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2012-13
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2012-13
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2012-13
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2012-13
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2011-2012Caucus Financial Statements for 2011-2012
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2011-12
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2011-12
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2011-12
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2011-12
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2011-12
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2011-12
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2010-2011Caucus Financial Statements for 2010-2011
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2010-11
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2010-11
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2010-11
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2010-11
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2010-11
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2010-11
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2007-2011
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2007-2011
Collapse Caucus Financial Statements for 2009-2010Caucus Financial Statements for 2009-2010
Government Caucus Financial Statements 2009-10
Opposition Caucus Financial Statements 2009-10
Government Caucus Internal Controls 2009-10
Opposition Caucus Internal Controls 2009-10
Government Caucus Compliance with Directives 2009-10
Opposition Caucus Compliance with Directives 2009-10
Collapse About the Legislative AssemblyAbout the Legislative Assembly
Rules and Procedures
How Laws are Made
Role of a Member
Collapse Role of the SpeakerRole of the Speaker
Collapse Saskatchewan Teachers' InstituteSaskatchewan Teachers' Institute
Collapse SSTI Photo GallerySSTI Photo Gallery
Collapse Apply OnlineApply Online
Election of a Member
Legislative Assembly Service
Saskatchewan's Legislative Building
Collapse OfficersOfficers
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Advocate for Children and Youth
Chief Electoral Officer (Elections Saskatchewan)
Conflict of Interest Commissioner and Registrar of Lobbyists
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Ombudsman Saskatchewan
Provincial Auditor
Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner
Collapse EmploymentEmployment
OIPC Analyst
Collapse Information OfficersInformation Officers
Position Advertisement
Position Benefits
Position Responsibilities
LAS Overview
LAS Vision, Values, and Mission
Ongoing Opportunities
Learning Opportunities
Contact Us
Collapse Legislative BusinessLegislative Business
Collapse Legislative CommitteesLegislative Committees
Collapse Crown and Central AgenciesCrown and Central Agencies
CCA Report 4-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
CCA Report 3-28 Legislature (Estimates)
CCA Report 2-28 Legislature (Estimates)
CCA Report 1-28 Legislature (Bill No. 1 Hearings)
CCA Steering Committee Report 1-28 Legislature
CCA Report 8-27 Legislature
CCA Report 7-27 Legislature
CCA Report 6-27 Legislature
CCA Report 5-27 Legislature
CCA Report 4-27 Legislature
CCA Report 3-27 Legislature
CCA Report 2-27 Legislature
CCA Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse EconomyEconomy
ECO Report 4-28 Legislature (Estimates)
ECO Report 3-28 Legislature (Estimates)
ECO Report 2-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
ECO Report 1-28 Legislature (Estimates)
ECO Report 6-27 Legislature
ECO Report 5-27 Legislature
ECO Report 4-27 Legislature
ECO Report 3-27 Legislature
ECO Report 2-27 Legislature
ECO Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse House ServicesHouse Services
HOS Report 8-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
HOS 7-28 Legislature (Committee Membership)
HOS Report 6-28 Legislature (Estimates)
HOS Report 5-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
HOS Report 4-28 Legislature (Committee Membership)
HOS Report 3-28 Legislature (Committee Membership)
HOS Report 2-28 Legislature (Estimates)
HOS Report 1-28 Legislature (Committee Membership)
HOS Report 14-27 Legislature
HOS Report 13-27 Legislature
HOS Report 12-27 Legislature
HOS Report 11-27 Legislature
HOS Report 10-27 Legislature
HOS Report 9-27 Legislature
HOS Report 8-27 Legislature
HOS Report 7-27 Legislature
HOS Report 6-27 Legislature
HOS Report 5-27 Legislature
HOS Report 4-27 Legislature
HOS Report 3-27 Legislature
HOS Report 2-27 Legislature
HOS 1-27 Steering Committee Report
HOS Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse Human Services Human Services
HUS Report 5-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
HUS Report 4-28 Legislature (Estimates)
HUS Report 3-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
HUS Report 2-28 Legislature (Organ Donation)
HUS Report 1-28 Legislature (Estimates)
HUS Steering Committee Report 1-28 Legislature
HUS Report 7-27 Legislature
HUS Report 6-27 Legislature
HUS Report 5-27 Legislature
HUS Report 4-27 Legislature
HUS Report 3-27 Legislature
HUS Report 2-27 Legislature
HUS Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse Intergovernmental Affairs and Justice Intergovernmental Affairs and Justice
IAJ Report 4-28 Legislature (Estimates)
IAJ Report 3-28 Legislature (Estimates)
IAJ Report 2-28 Legislature (Supplementary Estimates)
IAJ Report 1-28 Legislature (Estimates)
IAJ Report 8-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 7-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 6-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 5-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 4-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 3-27 Legislature
IAJ Report 2-27 Legislature (Lobbying Legislation Inquiry)
IAJ Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse Private BillsPrivate Bills
PBC Report 6-27 Legislature
PBC Report 5-27 Legislature
PBC Report 4-27 Legislature
PBC Report 3-27 Legislature
PBC Report 2-27 Legislature
PBC Report 1-27 Legislature
Collapse PrivilegesPrivileges
PRV Report 1-28 Legislature
Collapse Public AccountsPublic Accounts
Government Response to PAC Report 1-28
PAC Report 1-28 Legislature
Government Response to PAC Report 3-27
PAC Report 3-27 Legislature
Government Response to PAC Report 2-27
PAC Report 2-27 Legislature
PAC Report 1-27 Legislature
Debates (Hansard)
Minutes (Votes)
Orders of the Day
Collapse BillsBills
Progress of Bills 2016-2017
Progress of Bills 2014-2016
Progress of Bills 2013-2014
Progress of Bills 2012-2013
Progress of Bills 2011-2012
Progress of Bills 2010-2011
Progress of Bills 2009-2010
Progress of Bills 2008-2009
Progress of Bills 2007-2008
Progress of Bills 2006-2007
Progress of Bills 2005-2006
Progress of Bills 2004-2005
Progress of Bills 2003
Progress of Bills 2001
Progress of Bills 2002-2003
Progress of Bills 1999-2000
Progress of Bills 1999
Progress of Bills 1998
Collapse JournalsJournals
Collapse 28th Legislature28th Legislature
Journals 1-28
Collapse 27th Legislature27th Legislature
Journals 4-27
Journals 3-27
Journals 2-27
Journals 1-27
Collapse 26th Legislature26th Legislature
Journals 4-26
Journals 3-26
Journals 2-26
Journals 1-26
Collapse 25th Legislature25th Legislature
Journals 3-25
Journals 2-25
Journals 1-25
Collapse 24th Legislature24th Legislature
Journals 4-24
Journals 3-24
Journals 2-24
Journals 1-24
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4-23 Journals
3-23 Journals
2-23 Journals
1-23 Journals
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Journals 5-22
Journals 4-22
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4-21 Journals
3-21 Journals
2-21 Journals
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Legislative Calendar
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Collapse L’Assemblée législative de la SaskatchewanL’Assemblée législative de la Saskatchewan
Règlement de l’Assemblée
Rôle d'un membre de l'Assemblée législative
Rôle du Président
Processus législatif
Processus budgétaire