The Board of Internal Economy is a statutory authority created in 1981 to emphasize the responsibilities of parliamentarians for the general administration of the Legislative Assembly. The establishment of the Board also reaffirmed the independence of the legislative branch from the executive branch of government. The Legislative Assembly Act, 2007 established the Board, its composition and duties.

The Speaker, who has primary responsibilities for the services and programs required by the Assembly and its members, is the Board’s Chair. Two cabinet ministers, two government private members and two opposition members complete the membership.

The Board of Internal Economy has a statutory responsibility for the financial and administrative policies affecting the Legislative Assembly, its members and the Legislative Assembly Service.  The Board has the power and duty to generally oversee the finances of the Assembly.

Its responsibilities include:

  • approving budgetary estimates;
  • reviewing expenditures and forecasts of revenue
  • approving policies for the organization and establishment of all legislative staff;
  • reviewing and approving administrative policies and procedures;
  • consideration of security and accommodation issues and services within the Legislative Building;
  • with regard to the remuneration of members and caucuses, determining the amount of each payment or allowance and setting the terms and conditions governing such payments.


In addition, the Board reviews estimates for certain officers of the Assembly, including the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Advocate for Children and Youth, the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

The Speaker’s assistant serves as the Board’s recording secretary and is responsible for maintaining Board records, arranging meetings, preparing and distributing the agenda, and preparation of the minutes. Meetings of the Board are held in public and at the call of the Chair.

The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is responsible, through the Speaker, to the Board for the day to day management and administration of the programs and services provided to the Legislative Assembly, individual members, legislative committees and caucuses.

The Clerk, the Executive Director of Member and Corporate Services, and other senior officials serve as resources for the Board, drafting proposals for Board consideration and implementing the decisions of the Board.

For further information contact S. Sterling, Secretary to the Board, Tel: 306 787-2305, Fax: 306 787-2283; Email: