Whether you are looking to follow the progress of a bill through the legislative process, watch a replay of question period, read the minutes of a meeting, or dive in to every word spoken in the Assembly, you have come to the right place. Below you will find more information on all of the Assembly's official business.

Find Assembly Records

Select a date and view all the legislative documents related to that day. You can also filter your search to a specific committee or type of document.

Legislative Committees

Committees are the forum in which the assembly examines legislative proposals and budgetary estimates.

Debates (Hansard)

The essentially verbatim report of the debates that take place in the Assembly each day.

Minutes (Votes)

The record of the Assembly's daily business.

Orders of the Day

The order of business before the Assembly for each sitting day.


Legislation that is proposed and debated by the members in the Assembly and in committee.


The budgetary and financial processes of the Assembly. 


A compilation of the daily minutes (Votes and Proceedings) of the Legislative Assembly.

Watch Legislative Proceedings

Live broadcast streams and archived video of legislative proceedings.

Legislative Meeting Archive

Search for legislative documents by entering the date range of your choice.