Boan, a Saskatchewan physician, exposes healthcare disparities in a country that prides itself on an equitable healthcare system. She weaves historical data, health policy, and jurisdictional gaps into the narrative while investigating how Canada's healthcare system is failing Indigenous patients.

Recounts the adventures of settler and Indigenous ramblers who retrace the earliest historical trails of the prairies. Using both Indigenous and settler perspectives on topics ranging from the 1870s/1880s clearing of the plains to the 2016 killing of Colton Boushie.

A short story collection investigating the unexpected intersections of loneliness and connection. Saskatchewan author Blackett investigates the ways humans often feel lonely and alone, but our lives are contingent upon others in ways we can’t understand.

Brings together the experiences of leading women entrepreneurs. These successful businesswomen share their thoughts on launching a high-growth business, from coming up with a unicorn-worthy idea, through to building a multi-talented team to winning investment.

By sharing his experiences while advocating for police reform, Merith praises the people in blue but also knows that there are deep issues that need to be rectified. An evocative perspective of policing by an officer on the front lines.

Examines the politics of climate change and other “long problems.” Shows why we find it hard to act before a problem’s effects are felt. Provides tools and strategies allowing policymakers to anticipate future needs and risks to set enduring goals.

Challenges existing laws and dispels enduring misconceptions about data-driven interactions. This exploration offers readers a holistic view of why current laws and regulations fail to protect us against corporate digital harms, particularly those created by AI.

Examines the significance of New Public Management, and explores its emergence and resilience. NPM’s advocates argue that it has the capacity to deliver policy outcomes, but this book shows that such claims are not always matched by the evidence.

In 2016, Walmart aggressively moved into the world of e-commerce, while Amazon aimed for physical retail. As both companies continue to expand their empires, Winner Sells All reveals how this battle will change the ways we shop, live, and work.

Argues that democracy’s decline is not occurring because young people are apathetic, but because of misunderstandings about democracy, how individuals learn to participate, and how wealth inequality has undermined the capacity of those at the bottom to advocate for changes.

Julia arrives in a small Alberta town, accompanying her beloved on his first RCMP posting. Saskatchewan author Endicott pieces haunting details into a quietly devastating revelation of the fragility of life and law in a tightknit community.

By interrogating the tensions between streaming's benefits and pitfalls, Drott sheds light on music's situation within digital capitalism, from growing concentrations of monopoly power and music's use in corporate surveillance to issues of musical value, labor, and artist pay.

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