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Min explores the role of technology in journalism from the printing press to AI. Discussing clickbait and social-media clout chasing, he identifies technological garnishments as contemporary journalism’s core problem. A compelling call for news gathering to return to its roots.

The idea of human stewardship of the Earth has been central to cultures throughout history. Today, research on stewardship by diverse disciplines offers insights into ecological challenges. To make progress in environmental stewardship, scholars must communicate across disciplinary boundaries.

Misinformation has become the defining problem of our era. The author lays out a new paradigm for defending ourselves against the worldwide infodemic. Deconstructing techniques of misinformation, he provides practical tools to defend ourselves against nefarious persuasion.

This work delivers a contemporary look at xenophobia and fear of the other that leads to discrimination and exclusion. Drimonis provides a poignant look at inter-generational struggles, conflicting loyalties and heartfelt questions of belonging.

Now more than ever, work teams must demonstrate resilience. With volatile, complex, and ambiguous business environments, all teams inevitably suffer setbacks. The authors provide hands-on practical tips for building resilient teams equipped to bounce back from challenges.

The handbook provides a unique, comprehensive overview of policy-making tools. It covers the fundamentals of both established and new tools – from regulation and public enterprises to new ones such as social impact investing, crowdsourcing, and new digital governance.

Using historical analysis and interview-based fieldwork, Gest concludes that states hold great power to shape public responses to demographic change through institutions and messaging. He identifies ways that leaders can leverage nationalist sentiment to reduce the appeal of nativism.

An introduction to the politics and policies of clean energy transition. The author explores the energy landscape and the pathways and pitfalls on the way to decarbonization, arguing that this transition must accelerate if we are to decarbonize this century.

Told with measures of both pride and regret, Morneau explores personalities, achievements, and failures with candor. He shares his vision for Canada and its potential for growth and prosperity, drafting a blueprint for all that Canada can become.

While almost all universal health coverage in Canada is provided under the Canada Health Act, there is Medicare coverage provided outside it. This book explains the nature of these boundary health services, why they exist, and how to navigate them.

This model gives teams a remarkably simple and practical framework for tapping into one another’s gifts, increasing productivity, and reducing judgment. What sets it apart from other tools is the speed at which it can be understood and applied.

Using evidence from a wide range of archival sources and drawing from current scholarship in film history and tourism studies, this work demonstrates how Canada was an innovator in using film to shape and project a recognizable destination brand.