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Follows hate speech in America culminating in the Capitol Insurrection, with minimal intervention from social media giants. The author maintains that beliefs are becoming based more on misinformation than facts, while expressing hope that we can reverse this trend.

Climate change is one of the most important factors in understanding social and economic variables. This book analyzes climate change and current strategies to mitigate it, providing insight into how society is coping and the effects on economic sectors.

A practical guide for professional coaches, this work includes tools and frameworks supporting many types of organizational change projects. It can be applied to employees both in-person and remotely, helping reduce stress while boosting productivity and wellbeing.

Canadian intelligence has become increasingly central to the operations of the Canadian Armed Forces. This comprehensive history examines the impact of tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence on the Canadian military.

Carpenter’s collection of essays explores his life-long love of the wild. This Saskatchewan raconteur examines his fascination with predators, contemplating our place in the wild and the value of the wild in our lives.

Approaches trust from a relational perspective that draws on insights from trust research, modern sociology, and organization and management theory, providing a theoretical treatment of trust in the realm of public management and governance.

Forty influential and diverse Canadians with expertise in subjects such as Indigenous rights, climate change, social justice and education reflect on everything Canada is getting right and what needs to change to make it even better.

Political science arose in the late nineteenth century as part of a wider modernism movement. The author delves into the shifting trends within political science – modernism, behavioralism, realism, neoliberalism, et al – which have long informed governmental policy.

The authors explore the barriers that impact engagement efforts in Indigenous communities, discuss public health topics, acknowledge and honor the strengths of different communities, and emphasize that collaboration and the sharing of resources are needed to improve lives.

Few works have greatly explored Canada’s role in the bloody conflict of the American Civil War. An illuminating look into how both countries and their citizens interacted during the Civil War and the troubled times that surrounded it.

A practical guide to maintaining a healthy brain for readers of any age. Dotson summarizes the science behind brain health and offers behavioral strategies for improving it, such as targeted exercise, social engagement, and cognitive training.

Martha Piper and Indira Samarasekera were the first (and so far only) female presidents of two of Canada’s most respected research universities. Here, they share their personal and professional stories, offering guidance for women leaders of every age.