The Votes and Proceedings is published daily by the Journals Branch of the Legislative Assembly. It is the official record, in minute form, of the proceedings of the Assembly.

Short-form minutes taken by the Clerks at the Table are formalised by the Journals Clerks and entered in the Votes and Proceedings. Included in the minutes are notations on the debates conducted, the initial notices for bills and motions, progress made on bills, amendments to bills, sessional papers tabled, petitions presented, recorded votes and statements and rulings made by the Speaker and other presiding officers.

At the end of each session, the Votes and Proceedings are consolidated into the Journals.

Inquiries can be directed to (306) 787-0421


Digitized versions of the Votes begin in March 2003. Each day's edition of the Minutes (Votes) can be accessed through the Assembly records calendar or the legislative meeting archive.