These free eJournals cover topics such as parliament, public policy, the prairies, the oil industry, law, education, and agriculture. Some were library print subscriptions, and are now available freely online.

Aboriginal Business Report
Published by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) to discuss various business topics relevant to Aboriginal communities across Canada.

The official publication of SaskOrganics. SaskOrganics is a farmer-led non-profit organization. The magazine features certified organic producers, Saskatchewan chefs who use organic ingredients, and covers topics such as agronomic practices, upcoming industry events, and more.

Australasian Parliamentary Review
The official journal of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group, which includes Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Published online twice per year.

Beyond the Hill
The magazine of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians. Recent issues are available free online.

Book of the States
Published by the Council of State Governments. A reference tool providing timely information and comparisons for all 56 states, commonwealths and territories of the United States. Includes tables, figures and infographics illustrating how state governments operate. One volume per year.

Campion's Brag
A news magazine featuring brief articles on distinguished Campion College (Regina) alumni, their activities, and events around the College. 
Canadian Dimension 
A left-leaning magazine founded in 1963. Articles are aimed at a wide audience and cover topics such as politics, foreign policy, education, labour, agriculture, and globalization. 
Canadian Journal of Human Rights
From the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. A peer-reviewed journal exploring concerns in human rights and humanitarian law and policy relevant to Canadian society. One volume per year.
Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation
Published three times a year by the Canadian Evaluation Society. The journal seeks to promote the theory and practice of program evaluation by publishing articles, practice notes, and book reviews. 
Canadian Journal of Sociology
Peer-reviewed research articles and theoretical essays by social scientists from around the world, providing insight into the issues facing Canadian society as well as social and cultural systems in other countries. Vol. 47 no. 1 (2023) is the last issue. 

Canadian Parliamentary Review 
A quarterly publication of the Canadian members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Articles are searchable, and the online archive goes back to 1978.

Cato Policy Report
Bimonthly newsletter of the Cato Institute. According to their website, the Cato Institute is a public policy research organization — a think tank — dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. 

Constitutional and Parliamentary Information
Half-yearly review of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, from the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

CUPE’s (Canadian Union of Public Employees') national quarterly newsletter. 
Dalhousie Law Journal
A faculty-run publication with an editorial board composed of full-time professors and professional librarians at the Schulich School of Law. Available online from vol. 1 (1973) to current.

Degrees Magazine
The University of Regina alumni magazine.

First Nations Gazette
The mission of the First Nations Gazette is to provide a comprehensive source for First Nation legislation in Canada, including laws, by-laws and other enactments, and to provide a public notification service for matters affecting First Nations. This register of First Nation laws is published by the First Nations Tax Commission. In 2014, the First Nations Gazette transitioned to an exclusively electronic publication.

Green & White
The University of Saskatchewan alumni magazine. 

Humanist Perspectives
A Canadian journal of humanism. Features articles, poems, artworks and stories that reflect the ideas of modern humanism.

Industry West 
Published quarterly, this business magazine includes informative and timely editorial and advertising content for Saskatchewan’s business community.

The Canadian Journal of Opinion. Published twice per year, offering informed analysis on topics such as culture, economy, environment, First Nations, international affairs, and social policy.

Inside Policy
Published four times per year, the magazine of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy, Ottawa.

International Indigenous Policy Journal
A peer-reviewed, policy-relevant research journal addressing issues pertaining to Indigenous Peoples throughout the world.

Manitoba Law Journal 
A peer reviewed journal about law in Manitoba and beyond.

The Monitor (from Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
CCPA's national magazine, covering issues of social, climate and economic justice, and highlighting CCPA's research and analysis.

ORE Magazine
The official publication of the Saskatchewan Mining Association.
Our Schools/Our Selves (from Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
A forum for debates and discussion on topics such as Aboriginal education, anti-racism classroom programs, sex education, peace studies, commercialism, environmental education, child care, and classroom assessment.  Full content is free online starting with Winter 2018. 

The Parliamentarian 
Published quarterly by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Secretariat. Contains articles, analyses, and other information on parliamentary, political, and constitutional developments written by Members of Parliament, academic experts, and parliamentary staff.

Perspectives on Tax Law & Policy (from Canadian Tax Foundation)
A quarterly newsletter to engage readers in an informed dialogue about tax policy.

Pipeline News
Covers Saskatchewan petroleum news. Based in Estevan, with editorial staff dedicated to the energy sector full-time. 

Pivot (formerly CPA Magazine) Published six times per year by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) in partnership with St. Joseph Media.

Policy Brief (from Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy)
Written by JSGS scholars and leading policy experts to provide context and perspective on public issues and to further discussion and debate within the public sector.

Policy Magazine 
Covers Canadian politics and public policy, published 6 times per year.

Policy Options and print edition archive
A magazine of Canadian public policy, from the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Queen's Law Journal
A fully refereed scholarly publication featuring articles from academics, legal practitioners, and law students. Older issues are free online via CanLII, while more recent issues are exclusive to QLJ subscribers and paid databases.

Saskatchewan History (1948-2017)
An historical magazine dedicated to encouraging readers and writers to explore the province’s history. Published by the Provincial Archives from 1948-2017, these are now available free online.
SK Connect
The newsletter of the CPA - the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Saskatchewan.

Stateline Midwest
A U.S. monthly publication to keep members of the Midwestern Legislative Conference up to date on policy issues, actions being taken by the region's 11 state legislatures, and work being done by the MLC and The Council of State Governments.

The Table
The Journal of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments

Twenty First Century Petroleum Statistics (formerly Twentieth Century Petroleum Statistics)
Data comes from sources such as American Petroleum Institute, Oil and Gas Journal, World Oil Magazine, and Energy Information Administration. Users must register their email address before downloading.
Vanier Institute of the Family
Articles explore the diversity and complexity of families and the reality of family life in Canada. Produced in English and French.

Western Policy Analyst (2010-2014) Quarterly edition
Online publication which covered the four western provinces. Provided empirical analysis of Canadian trends and issues.

A Canadian indigenous news publication from the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society. Back issues from 1986 to 2015 have been digitized by Library and Archives CanadaUse this site to search terms and names to find specific articles.

World Development Report
These annual development reports cover one theme each year. Recent topics include economic recovery, education, work, the law, climate change, and gender equality. From the World Bank Group - five institutions (and 189 member countries) working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. 

World Trade Organization Annual Report
Provides a comprehensive overview of WTO activities over the past year and includes information on the WTO's budget and staffing. Online access goes back to 1998.

World Trade Report (from the World Trade Organization)
An annual publication that aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues and the multilateral trading system. Online access goes back to 2023.

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