REPORT: The Recount

In October 2008, the position of Chief Electoral Officer became vacant. Prior to commencing a recruitment process for this vacancy, the Board of Internal Economy commissioned a review of the organizational structure and operational environment of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, and identification of key competencies for the position of Chief Electoral Officer. These competencies were to serve as a basis for a recruitment strategy for the next Chief Electoral Officer.

The review was carried out by Mr. David Hamilton, an independent consultant. Mr. Hamilton is a retired Clerk of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly and Chief Electoral Officer. Mr. Hamilton has organized and facilitated training sessions and workshops on electoral systems and administration of electoral processes both inside and outside Canada since his retirement from public service. In 2006, Mr. Hamilton was appointed by the federal government and the Government of Saskatchewan as the Chief Electoral Officer for a general election for the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.  

Report of the MLA Indemnity Committee

In February 2006, the Legislative Assembly established an independent process to review the basic annual indemnity paid to Members of the Legislative Assembly and to determine the manner by which the MLA indemnity should be adjusted. The review was conducted by committee chair Arthur Wakabayashi, Chancellor of the University of Regina and a former senior civil servant, and Dr. Terence McKague, former research assistant to the Independent Committee on MLA Compensation in 1995. The report was adopted by the Board of Internal Economy and was put into effect on Election Day, November 7, 2007.