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Mr. Todd Goudy - Government Caucus

Todd was raised in Melfort as the third son in a family focused on supporting western Canadian farmers. He spent his younger years manning the shop and watching his father develop a solution to Saskatchewan’s wild oat problem which increased yields for rapeseed/canola. Through his later teenage years, he enjoyed working with his father and brothers doing field research. He remembers putting out test plots when zero-till agriculture wasn’t yet practiced across the prairies.

After graduation, Todd moved to Albania in the early 90’s. He worked to serve the people as they were attempting to rebuild democracy, freedoms of faith, and commerce after the fall of the communist government.

Todd’s best move in life was marrying his wife Tannis, and he has enjoyed their life together raising their 6 children. He spent most of his married life as a minister in the Baptist church, and during that time had a furniture manufacturing company, as well as serving 10 years on the school board of the Northeast School Division.

Todd has had the privilege to serve as MLA for Melfort since 2018 and has been appointed to serve on the Public Accounts Committee, as the Secretary for Francophone Affairs, Secretary for Parks, Culture and Sports, Provincial Secretary, Legislative Secretary to the Premier, and as a member of the provincial Treasury Board. Todd is currently enjoying his role as Secretary to the Minister of Education.

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