The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the chief permanent officer of the Legislative Assembly. The position is responsible for the administration and organization of the Legislative Assembly Service, a group of non-partisan employees who work in support of the Assembly’s operations. The Clerk is an Officer of the Legislative Assembly and provides all members with professional and confidential advice on parliamentary procedure and rules.

The Clerk supports the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and the legislative committees. During sittings of the Assembly, the Clerk ensures that all forms of business pass through each of the required procedural steps. The Office of the Clerk prepares, processes, and maintains all legislative records and documents of the Assembly. 

Officers in the Chamber

The Members of the Legislative Assembly receive advice on the rules and procedures of the Assembly from Clerks at the Table, who are Officers of the Legislative Assembly: the Clerk, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel, Principal Clerk, and Clerk Assistant. The Sergeant at Arms is an Officer responsible for security in the Chamber.