Speaker Glenn Hagel launched the first Saskatchewan Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy in 1999, with the aim of developing a strategy to enhance the understanding of parliamentary democracy in the classroom. Since then, over three hundred teachers from across Saskatchewan have participated in this unique institute.

The objective of this non-partisan institute is to allow Saskatchewan teachers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of our system of parliamentary democracy by observing, first-hand, our political system in operation. They meet with the Lieutenant Governor, Speaker, Ministers, Caucus leaders, Whips, and Chairs, as well as with Private Members, media and the judiciary. The teachers have an opportunity to participate in a mock parliament in the legislative Chamber. They also have the opportunity to explore the Ministry of Education's websites and suggested curriculum links.

This exciting professional development program provides teachers with an all-encompassing overview of the realities of democracy and its importance in our society, thereby equipping them with valuable knowledge to successfully convey the issues and intricacies of modern parliament to their students. The institute also promotes the sharing of ideas, resources and methodologies for teaching about parliamentary democracy with fellow participants.

Saskatchewan teachers in all subject areas and education levels are invited to apply for this non-partisan professional development opportunity.