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Saskatchewans Hansard team produces the official verbatim records for meetings of the Assembly and its committees. Hansard personnel are present in the Legislative Chamber and committee room to operate microphones, identify who is speaking, and note other significant events. Hansard also provides on-the-road support for travelling committees which meet outside of the Legislative Building.


From Spoken Debate to Written Text

Hansard editors transcribe the members’ spoken words into written text. Editors take great care to ensure that the meaning of the members’ words is preserved in the written form.

Turning debate into a written publication requires transcribers, editors, researchers, proofreaders, layout specialists, and audio switchers. All are trained to understand parliamentary practices and maintain an awareness of the topics of the day so that Hansard can accurately capture the meaning of the Assembly’s deliberations. Learn about how Hansard is produced.


Access the Verbatim Reports

Hansard is one of the ways the Legislative Assembly’s debates are made accessible to the public. Hansard publications are available on the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan website, where the Debates and Proceedings are fully digitized back to 1947. The digitization of historical committee verbatim reports is nearly complete.

Hansard also publishes indexes to help people find information in the verbatim reports. Hansard subject and speaker indexes are available digitally from 1996 to present. Paper copies of indexes from 1979 to 2007 are available at the Legislative Library


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