The Debates and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, commonly known as Hansard, is an essentially verbatim report of the debates that take place in the Assembly and its committees. 

The policy of the Saskatchewan Hansard editors is to provide a verbatim record with a minimum of editing and without any alteration of the meaning of a Member's speech. Hansard is produced after each daily sitting of the House and is available the following morning.

Debates (Hansard) files go back to 1947, all of which have been digitized to make them accessible online. Each day's edition of the Debates (Hansard) can be accessed through the Assembly records calendar or through the meeting archive.

For research assistance, please contact the Legislative Library.

Inquiries related to the production of the Debates (Hansard) can be directed to or (306) 787-1175.

About Saskatchewan Hansard

In 2022, Saskatchewan Hansard celebrated 75 years of producing the official written record of the Assembly’s debates. Saskatchewan was the first parliamentary jurisdiction in the Commonwealth to produce a Hansard publication from an audio recording. Learn more about Saskatchewan Hansard

Hansard Indexes

Our indexes allow you to browse topics of debate (subject index) and to find remarks that each MLA has made (speaker index). Indexes prior to 1998 are available at the Legislative Library.





Subject Index          

Speaker Index

  29th   1-   2020-   View   View
  28th   1-4   2016-2020   View   View
  27th   1-4   2011-2015   View   View
  26th   1-4   2007-2011   View   View
  25th*   3   2006-2007   View   View
  25th*   2   2005-2006   View   View
  25th*   1   2004-2005   View   View
  24th*   4   2003   View   View
  24th*   3   2002-2003   View   View
  24th*   2   2001-2002   View   View
  24th*   1   1999-2001   View   View
  23rd   4   1999   View   View
  23rd   3   1998-1999   View   View
  23rd   2   1997-1998   View   View
  23rd   1   1996-1997   View   View


* Note: Some subject indexes for the Legislative Committees are separate from the Assembly indexes: 


Disclaimer: The electronic versions of the Legislative Assembly's documents are provided on this site for information purposes only. The content of the documents is identical to the printed record; only the presentation differs unless otherwise noted. The printed versions are the official record for legal purposes.