Note: We have uploaded documents related to the following committees beginning in February 1996 (23rd Legislature). For committee documents prior to 1996, please contact the Legislative Library.






Special Committee to Prevent the Abuse and Exploitation of Children Through the Sex Trade

Appointed 13 Dec 1999

Interim report tabled 
28 June 2000

Final report tabled 
27 June 2001

The committee was ordered to address and make recommendations on the issue of the abuse and exploitation of children through the sex trade.


Standing Committee on Agriculture

1906 – 2003

The Standing Committee on the Economy is now responsible for the subject area of agriculture, including review of the Ministry of Agriculture’s estimates and bills.

This committee met periodically to review bills and inquire into relevant subject areas. Most recently, in 2002, AGC was ordered to receive a presentation from the Action Committee on the Rural Economy (ACRE) and present a report. The committee was also asked to examine and make recommendations on the agricultural land holding provisions set out in The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act. 


Standing Committee on Communications

1981 -2003

The committee primarily reviewed reports of the Saskatchewan Legislative Library and the Library’s retention and disposal schedules. 

CMC also considered the development of Assembly practices related to the amount of radio time for political parties, still photography in the Chamber, and the television broadcast of legislative committee proceedings.


Standing Committee on Estimates

1981 -2003

The Standing Committee on House Services began examining the estimates and for the Legislative Branch in 2003.

The committee considered and reported on the estimates for the Legislative Assembly and Officers of the Legislative Assembly. 


Standing Committee on Health Care

Appointed 16 May 2001

Report tabled 
30 August 2001

The Standing Committee on Human Services is now responsible for the subject area of health, including review of the Ministry of Health’s estimates and bills.

The committee was instructed by the Assembly to receive presentations report on the final report of the Commission on Medicare. [Caring for Medicare: Sustaining a Quality System. Commissioner, Kenneth J. Fyke. Regina: The Commission, April 2001.]


Standing Committee on Non-controversial Bills

1971 – 2003

The committee reviewed and reported to the Assembly whether bills were controversial or not. The bills that the committee concluded were non-controversial were reported to back to the Assembly and typically passed without further debate.


Special Committee on Regulations

1963 - 2003

The duties of this committee were transferred to the four policy field committees in 2003.

The main purpose of the regulations review process was to ensure that the scope of the regulations did not exceed the power granted in the parent Act.


Special Committee on Rules and Procedures

1999 – 2003

The Standing Committee on House Services now examines the Assembly’s rules and procedures. 

Throughout Saskatchewan’s legislative history, many committees have been appointed to review the rules and procedures of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. 

Most recently, this committee was appointed in 1999 to examine matters related to the rules, procedures, practices and powers of the Legislative Assembly, its operation and organization, and the facilities and services provided to the Assembly, its committees, and Members.

Three reports were tabled by RPC between 1999 and 2003. Many of the recommendations implemented modernized the operation of the Legislative Assembly. 


Special Committee on Tobacco Control

Appointed 9 Dec 1999

First report tabled 
31 May 2000

Final report tabled 
5 April 2001

The committee was asked to consider and report on matters related to the impact of tobacco use in Saskatchewan, especially related to children and youth. TCC considered provincial tobacco control legislation to protect children, youth, and the general public from the health risks of second-hand smoke.

TSC Special Committee on Traffic Safety March-August 2013

The Special Committee on Traffic Safety was appointed on March 5, 2013 to conduct an inquiry into improving traffic safety and reducing fatalities in traffic collisions. TSC received presentations on impaired driving, distracted driving, excessive speed, intersection safety, and wildlife collisions, as well as education and public awareness issues related to traffic safety. 

Throughout Saskatchewan’s history, three additional committees have been appointed to study traffic safety:
Select Committee on Driving Safety – 1994-95
Special Committee on Highway Traffic and Safety 1974-75
Special Committee on Highway Traffic and Safety 1965-66